Sunday, September 23, 2012

Xbox 360 Live DLC (Downloadable Content) Tip

     Video game consoles are taking over more and more as the go to device when it comes to watching TV, sports, streaming media, and of course playing games.  Because of this, more and more people that I talk to today have more than one console in their house.  For those of you who have multiple Xbox 360s in your home, this tip is for you.

     Xbox Live ties the purchases that you make on their service to two things.
  1. The original console that the content was purchased on.
  2. The original Xbox Live account that purchased the content.
     So what does this mean?  Well, it means that if you have a house full of gamers you will have problems if you do not know about this tip.  Everybody knows that when you buy a disc based game you can use it anywhere.  You can take that disc and throw it in another console and someone else can use it with no problems.  Well, what about when you download that new Xbox Arcade game or map pack off of Xbox Live and want to use it on a different console and with a different account?  I have you covered but be aware that this does require a minimum of two Xbox controllers and the secondary Xbox has to be connected to the Internet.

    First let me say that if you are using the original console that downloaded the content you are pretty much set.  Any account on that console can use the content and it will be the full version in the case of arcade games or it will show up if it is a piece of DLC for a disc based game.  The issue we are concerned with is how do I use the content on a different console with a different account.  The legitimate uses for this might be a child or sibling who wants to play the game on their console and with their account.

     The first thing that needs to be done is the Xbox Live account that purchased the content (we will call this account the primary account) needs to download the DLC again on the second console.  You will not be charged again for this content if you have already purchased it once.  Then sign out of the primary account.

     From here you would sign in the secondary account on controller 1.  It really does not matter whether the secondary account is an Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Live Silver, or just an offline account.  Then, sign into controller 2 with the primary account.  It is important to mention again that the secondary Xbox does need to connect to the Internet as the primary account needs to be signed into Xbox Live for this to work.  Once the primary account is signed into Xbox Live all content on the secondary console that the primary purchased will be available to any account.  Furthermore, the primary account does not need to play any of the games.  They can leave the room and go do something else.  They just need to leave themselves signed in.  The secondary account is free to load up whatever game and play as they wish.  The primary account will not earn gamer score nor will their save files be impacted by the secondary accounts game play.  I have also made a video discussing this topic and have linked to it below.

Xbox 360 Live DLC Tip Video

     Please leave a comment with your questions or suggestions.

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