Saturday, September 22, 2012

NCAA Football 13 BCS National Champions

     I finally did it!  I took Stanford to the BCS National Championship and won!  Let me provide some context to this story.

     I have been playing NCAA Football 13's online dynasty mode with a good buddy of mine.  He had been using the Oklahoma State Cowboys and I had been using Stanford.  In the 2012 season he stormed into the BCS National Championship with an undefeated record.  I on the other hand had lost a heartbreaking game to my bitter rival Notre Dame but still managed a respectable 3rd place in the BCS voting.

     It was the Conference Championship where things got interesting.  I was ranked 3rd in the BCS while Utah was ranked 2nd.  This created the perfect match up for me to obtain a BCS Championship berth as Utah would play Stanford for the PAC 12 Championship.  It was a thrilling game and the pressure was really on as losing meant I would not go to the National Championship and Utah would.  I felt it was a safe bet that if I beat Utah that Stanford would move up to 2nd in the polls and be in the big game.  I managed to beat Utah and was set to play my buddy for the all the marbles.

     The time for the game had finally come.  The game was a back and forth affair, very evenly matched.  Stanford had an unfortunate knack for throwing the defense the ball however and this ended up being the nail in the coffin.  Oklahoma State Cowboys ran out the clock to seal their 2012 National Championship.

     This takes us to the 2013 season where both of us put together undefeated regular seasons.  He was ranked 1st in the polls and I was again ranked 2nd going into the Conference Championship week.  This time Stanford was to go up against the formidable USC Trojans.  What a game, I won 10-7 in a game that was all about the defenses.  Stanford had thrown 4 interceptions in the game and still managed to win.  Low and behold when we advanced to the next week who moved into 1st place in the polls?  Stanford!

     So, heading into the 2013 BCS National Championship Stanford was #1 and Oklahoma State was #2.  This time around the contest was much different.  I have a certain system that I use.  Every year it is different and this particular year it was that I blitz every play.  This is usually a feast or famine way to play the game.  If you get to the QB or RB early things are great.  When you don' is usually bad.  My buddy played well but my defense had gotten to him early and often.  He made some adjustments in the second half but he had a couple of key turnovers that really cost him the game and Stanford took home the Championship.

     Because I had accomplished everything that I wanted with Stanford and my contract was up I set out to find a new team.  I was hoping to sign on with the Arizona State Sun Devils, Tulsa Golden Hurricanes, or the Idaho Vandals.  None of these teams had any positions open but you only find this out by declining jobs and then some new ones reveal themselves.  I passed on many, many head coaching jobs, including the Arizona Wildcats.  It became clear after some time that all of the head coaching gigs were taken and now I would settling for either an Offensive or Defensive Coordinator.  I waited until the very end hoping something would be available at my desired schools, but alas, I had to sign with the very last team to offer me a job.  I am now the Offensive Coordinator for the FIU Golden Panthers.  They actually had a decent season in 2013, but their talent pool decreased greatly with the last graduating class.  I have my work cut out for me but also look forward to the challenge.  Can I take FIU to the top?  Stay tuned.

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