Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Windows 7 Snap

     Windows 7 includes many useful new features and improvements to previous Windows products.  One such improvement is the "snap" feature.

     Essentially this allows users to move a program or application to one side of the screen and have it snap to exactly that half of the screen.  The user could then snap another program or application to the other half of the screen and in essence mimic having a dual screen display.

     The benefits to using the snap feature are exactly the same benefits one would get from having multiple monitors or displays.  You can see two programs or applications at the exact same time without having to minimize one to see the other.  A simple example may be reviewing information from one application and using that information to input data into a different application.  The process is simplified and sped up greatly when you eliminate the need to constantly minimize or switch between programs or applications.

     To utilize the snap feature we will assume that the user is running a program or application full screen.  The first step is click the middle button in the upper right corner, the one between the - and the X.  This is called restore down.  Conversely it will be called maximize if the program or application is not running full screen.  Once we have clicked the middle button we can then click and hold the left mouse button on the top bar of the program or application and drag it around.  Drag it towards whichever of side of the screen that you want it to snap to.  Once the mouse pointer contacts the edge of the screen you will see a silhouette form on exactly that half of the screen.  Release the mouse button and the program or application will snap to that half of the screen.  Repeat the process to snap something else to the other side of screen.

     I have created a small video tutorial that demonstrates the Windows 7 Snap feature so if you are having trouble visualizing any of the descriptions I have provided above the video should help.  This feature is probably going to work best on a 19 inch or larger wide screen display.  Anything smaller and the snapped programs or applications will be difficult to read.

Windows 7: Snap Video

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