Saturday, November 30, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Hello and welcome to my Thanksgiving week blog update. One of the most dreaded updates of the year. Was I able to lose weight despite the holiday? Keep reading to find out.

For the previous weigh in (11/24) I was at 383.0 pounds. When I weighed in this morning I had gained 3 pounds. My current weight is 386.0 pounds.

So, I have this frustrating relationship with my scale. No, it is not what you are probably thinking. Sure, I want it to always show me losing weight. But this frustration stems from the fact that it is not really very accurate. It is a digital scale but it is getting old. It is supposed to record my weight when I step on it but it acts a little bit like an analog scale instead. When I step on it, it fluctuates before it settles on a number. What it is supposed to do is lock in on a number and flash that number and then stay on the screen for a while. What it does lately is fluctuate until it eventually shuts off. So I step on it several times, this morning it was probably five or six times before it will flash and give me a number.

Now what is frustrating about this is that the fluctuations themselves are dramatic. One step on it was fluctuating around 379. Honestly the time it locked in was the highest reading of any. Usually it was around 383 to 384. I do not really want to buy a new scale right now as finances are tight. I suppose there is accuracy in a ball park figure overall as with weight loss it should be reading lower over time I suppose. Still, it is frustrating.

I need to work harder. I have been trying to be more active at work. This past week however we had off everyday but two so being at home more was not helpful either. I should have motivated myself to take some walks or something but I did not. I should also mention that my scale has been doing the fluctuation thing for some time so the previous weigh in may have also been inaccurate. Perhaps that one landed on one of the lower readings and registered. Anyway, enough complaining about my scale. I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Check back next week for the new post. Later!

Sunday, November 24, 2019


I apologize for not posting yesterday which should have been weigh in day. Things got a little busy, we went to a birthday party and by the time we made it back home it was late. I strongly prefer to weigh myself I the morning. I believe that having a routine weigh in time gives me the most accurate measurement of progress.

My previous weigh in on 11/16 was 387.4 pounds. When I weighed in today I had lost 4.4 pounds. My current weight is 383.0 pounds. I am pretty happy with those numbers for reasons that I will detail below.

The reason this post is titled Wow! is because I was actually not very good at sticking with my calorie goals yesterday. I already mentioned that we went to a birthday party. My friend's son turned three. He is such an awesome kid. We played Spider-Man vs. Captain America. They would fight and he would laugh. Anyway, back to the point of this post. I ate way too much pizza and I did have some cans of Coke. Plus, after I got home from the birthday party I ended up eating after 11pm. Eating late is not good for the weight loss program.

The truth is that I started this week strong but started to lose some resolve as the week went on. In all honesty, the soda that I had at the birthday party were not the first during the past week. That is something that I will need to keep working on. I am surprised to have lost 4.4 pounds and yet excited to keep working at it. Until next time, so long!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

I'm Back

Well friends, here I am again. I doubt anyone even reads this anymore but perhaps it is cathartic for me to write the blog. That is what I am hoping anyway. I keep trying to lose weight but then I end up giving up. Perhaps this time will be different.

Lately my knee has really been bothering me. I have no doubt that being overweight to this magnitude is not helping matters. The last time that I weighed (prior to today) was October 21st and on that day, I set a record. Not a good record either. In hunting and fishing, the bigger and heavier the animal, the better. But I am a man and so being bigger and heavier is bad for me. Bad for my health and bad for my life in general.

Back to the point, on October 21st I weighed in at a disappointing 392 pounds. That is the heaviest that I have ever weighed as far as I know. A mere 8 pounds from 400! Today I weighed again and I now weigh 387.4.

A couple of factors have forced me to make changes. One is my knee for sure. It is kind of not cool when your knee hurts. It really puts a crimp on one's desire to get up and move around. I don't like it! Financial issues also necessitate that I reduce my spending a bit and the first thing on the chopping block has to be eating out. I am looking at both of these factors as opportunities though instead of problems. These are opportunities to make some things right. I must seize them and use this as the impetus for a healthier future. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but it is more likely for those that make wise decisions.