Saturday, November 16, 2019

I'm Back

Well friends, here I am again. I doubt anyone even reads this anymore but perhaps it is cathartic for me to write the blog. That is what I am hoping anyway. I keep trying to lose weight but then I end up giving up. Perhaps this time will be different.

Lately my knee has really been bothering me. I have no doubt that being overweight to this magnitude is not helping matters. The last time that I weighed (prior to today) was October 21st and on that day, I set a record. Not a good record either. In hunting and fishing, the bigger and heavier the animal, the better. But I am a man and so being bigger and heavier is bad for me. Bad for my health and bad for my life in general.

Back to the point, on October 21st I weighed in at a disappointing 392 pounds. That is the heaviest that I have ever weighed as far as I know. A mere 8 pounds from 400! Today I weighed again and I now weigh 387.4.

A couple of factors have forced me to make changes. One is my knee for sure. It is kind of not cool when your knee hurts. It really puts a crimp on one's desire to get up and move around. I don't like it! Financial issues also necessitate that I reduce my spending a bit and the first thing on the chopping block has to be eating out. I am looking at both of these factors as opportunities though instead of problems. These are opportunities to make some things right. I must seize them and use this as the impetus for a healthier future. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but it is more likely for those that make wise decisions.

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