Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hello and welcome. Today is the 20th of December and that means it is weigh in day! I am afraid that the numbers reflect the effort this time. Unfortunately, I do not mean that in a good way.

Since the prior weigh in on December 15th, I have gained exactly three (3.0) pounds. My current weight is 352.2 pounds. My total weight loss thus far is now a touch over five and a half (5.6) pounds.

I am upset with myself. I went a little crazy this week. I have been drinking a lot of regular soda lately. This needs to stop. My plan is to drink more water and possibly tea. This should cut a large number of calories out of my diet that have no nutritional value.

I have decided to start doing a video log of my weight loss journey as well. I will link to those videos here on my web blog but if you want a direct link to my channel, here it is. ATechWiz YouTube Channel. Feel free to subscribe if you wish to follow along there.

The interesting thing about doing video blogs is being able to see the weight loss even in the face. I have a few videos of myself on the YouTube channel around the time I had dropped quite a bit of weight the first time and I think it is pretty dramatic.

I really need to get focused and drop the soda. I am trying to focus on one thing at a time and then move on to some other issues that I need to work on. I will likely discuss those in future blog posts. For now, if I can drop the soda that will be a big step towards consistently losing some weight. The next weigh in will be on Christmas day! The best gift that I can give myself would be to drop some weight by then. Linked below is the video that goes along with this post. Enjoy and feel free to make fun of me. I look forward to the next post! Goodbye.

My Weight Loss Journey 12/20/2016 Vlog 1

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