Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Hello and welcome to the Christmas edition of my weight loss blog! I uploaded a new vlog post to my YouTube channel. You can find links to both my channel and the new video at the bottom of this post.

I did not lose much weight since the previous weigh in post dated December 20th. I am happy to have lost weight though. My weight loss barely even registers at 0.2 of a pound. My current weight is 352 pounds. Total weight loss now stands at nearly six (5.8) pounds.

I had a great Christmas! I hope that you did too! I did not restrain myself as much as I should have. I did drink some regular soda. I am not too happy with myself about that. Still, I have heard many times that successful people are often the ones that just keep trying after failing. I am going to keep my chin up and try to do better.

All things considered, I am happy to have lost weight on Christmas day even if it was just a little bit. Progress is progress. It can be very difficult to lose weight during the holiday season. Please check out my video linked below for some other thoughts on Christmas and holidays in general. The next weigh in post will be January 1st, 2017. I cannot believe that we are about to start a new year already. It seems like just yesterday that 2016 was starting up and now it is over. I hope to make 2017 the year I drop some serious weight. Anyone with me? We can do anything if we make up our minds to really do it. Time to get busy. Until next time, goodbye!

My Weight Loss Journey 12/25/2016 Vlog 2

ATechWiz YouTube Channel

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  1. Hi Sheldon, Merry Christmas to you and your family! I watched your video and can totally relate to you on not loosing as much weight as we would like too! I felt very depressed this holiday season missing my family far away more than usual! I stuck stuff in my mouth not even thinking its consequences! My sugar was 170 on Sunday morning way to high! Today it was lower 130 and hopefully tomorrow way less. I have a goal to get myself under control to loose as much as I can before June 10th my granddaughter wedding! Good luck to you I will include you in my prayers for success!