Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Right Direction

Hello friends.  Today is November 20th, 2012 and I owe you a weigh in.  Today I am back headed in the right direction after my last post detailed a two pound weight gain.  When I weighed in this morning I was happy to see that I have lost another pound.  My total weight now stands at 344 pounds.

I have read many times that healthy weight loss is between one to two pounds per week.  In two days it will be one month since I started this journey and total weight loss to date stands at six pounds.  That number is probably about right given the amount of time I have been at this.  I am sure that I could achieve much higher numbers by going to extremes but when I have done that in the past I usually gain it all back plus more.  I do not want to do that this time.

There is not much else to report.  Except perhaps that I have not done anything in the way of activity like walking.  Every time I have had a night without my kids I have had side work.  I need the extra work so I am not complaining at all.  As soon as things settle down a bit I will start walking.

The next weigh in will be on November 25th.  Just 145 pounds to go to be below two hundred.  Thanks again to everyone following this blog and your words of encouragement.  I cannot describe how much it means to me.  If I have anything to share between now and the 25th I will be sure to post it so check back as often as you like.  At the very least, you can expect the usual weigh in update on the 25th.  Goodbye for now.

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