Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Halo

     I have finally completed the Halo 2 campaign on Heroic difficulty this Thanksgiving day.  The end was a bit of a challenge and so it should be very interesting when I get to the end of the game on Legendary difficulty.  I have beaten the game on every difficulty now except for Legendary.  I enjoy playing games through on all the difficulties to see how the developers increased the level of difficulty.  Did they simply increase the number of enemies, make the enemies stronger, or a combination of both?

     Now that I am finally working on Legendary I may soon be able to put Halo 2 down and move on to the next game in my list.  Then again, I was working on Heroic for a very long time and from what I hear Legendary will be a huge challenge.  I am told that the Legendary difficulty of Halo 2 is the most challenging of any of the other Halo games.  Since I really only watched the opening cinematic and played some of the first stage this is hard for me to judge.  If it is as difficult as I am told, then I may be playing this for the next year.  Have any of you completed Halo 2 on Legendary?

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