Friday, May 3, 2019

Weigh In Change

Hello! So I decided to make a change to the day that I weigh in. That is why there was no weigh in or blog post last Saturday. I am moving my weigh in day to Wednesday. I will then write the blog post for that weigh in at some point over the following weekend. Let's take a look at the numbers.

The previous weigh in on 4/20 was 386.6 pounds. When I weighed in on Wednesday (5/1)  I had lost 0.4 pounds. My weight on that date was 386.2 pounds.

I struggled between those two weigh ins with consistency again. I know that it is important to keep track of calories consumed because it is very easy to get out of control and not even fully realize it. The reason for moving the weigh in date has a couple of benefits. One was that I found it hard to enjoy a Friday night knowing that there was a weigh in coming in the morning. I know this kind of sounds counter productive but in a weird kind of way it was stressing me out. I am not sure if that makes any sense. The other benefit is that it frees me up to write the blog post anytime over the following weekend. So, I guess that is kind of the bottom line. It is easier to weigh in midweek but easier to update the blog over the weekend.

I normally will try not to comment on progress since the weigh in (weigh in was Wednesday but updating the blog Friday night) but I will only say here that this has helped me quite a bit already. I have been doing pretty good at logging my calories consumed since switching weigh in days. Prior to that however, I was not doing a very good job of it. Below are the numbers and that is why there are gaps. For the next blog update there should not be any gaps. I am excited for the next blog update as I am hoping for solid progress. Until then, take care!

4/20 2,620 calories in, 4,028 calories out
4/21 3,210 calories in, 3,555 calories out
4/22 2,190 calories in, 5,171 calories out
4/23 nothing logged, 4,703 calories out
4/24 4,290 calories in, 4,190 calories out
4/25 nothing logged, 4,689 calories out
4/26 nothing logged, 4,675 calories out
4/27 nothing logged, 4,229 calories out
4/28 nothing logged, 4,154 calories out
4/29 nothing logged, 3,948 calories out
4/30 1,810 calories in, 4,795 calories out

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