Saturday, April 13, 2019


I have had quite the week. I hope everyone had a much better week than I did. Even when times are difficult there can be positive outcomes. This may be one such occasion. I will write about that in more detail shortly. Let's begin with the numbers and go from there.

The previous weigh in on 4/6 was 384.0 pounds. When I weighed in just a few minutes ago I have lost 9.4 pounds. My current weight is 374.6 pounds.

How did I lose this much weight in one week? It is pretty easy when can't keep anything down. I was so sick. I cannot remember the last time that I was this sick. That may not be so unusual given that I am getting old as dirt. I missed quite a bit of work and technically when I went back was still having problems. I don't want to get too graphic but it was a very rough week. I barely ate anything and drank lots of fluids to try to stay hydrated.

Unfortunately I don't know what else to really say about the week. I am going to post the partial numbers that I have below. I apologize that I failed to log calories on some of those days. Hopefully I can keep most of this weight off without any rubber band effect since I am starting to feel better. I am going to do my best. Hopefully the next blog post will be a bit more interesting than this one. That said, I do like the numbers. Stay safe my friends.

4/6 2,070 calories in, 4,794 calories out
4/7 2,260 calories in, 4,047 calories out
4/8 sick, nothing logged, 4053 calories out
4/9 sick, nothing logged, 4,213 calories out
4/10 sick, nothing logged, 3,543 calories out
4/11 sick, nothing logged, 3,893 calories out
4/12 2,535 calories in, 4,248 calories out

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