Monday, March 5, 2018

Moving Forward

Today was so exhausting. Being out of shape and overweight is a bad combination. Does that make me captain obvious? Ha! I sometimes think that people that have never been overweight can't really relate. See, in my current condition it is like I am carrying another 200 pound man around on my back for every single thing that I do. People sometimes say, well, you just need to go out and start working out. While that is true, it certainly limits your activities to those that are not high impact because the knees and ankles can only take so much. Anyway, my point being that it almost takes a careful balancing act between eating healthy to drop some pounds in order to be able to increase activity. I know that from my previous weight loss journey that it gets so much easier once the pounds start to drop a bit.

I have already noticed a little more bounce in my step. That probably has more to do with counting my calories and eating less than any substantial weight loss at this point. It is welcome either way. Today I needed it. I did manage to lose some weight though so here are the numbers.

I lost a little more than 3 pounds (3.2) since my prior weigh in which was March 1st. My current weight is back to 380.0 pounds. This puts my total weight loss at nearly 2 pounds (1.8) and my total weight loss from my heaviest weigh in at a little more than 3 pounds (3.2).

I am pleased with this progress even though I am really just back down to my February 25th weight. I have been diligent in managing my calories and have been trying to be more active. I was under my calorie budget every day except for one and that over budget day was nominal. I am confident that I will be able to continue to make progress now that I am logging all of my calories.

I am excited to report again on March 10th, the next weigh in date. I am getting encouragement from friends and that always helps. I really want to thank all of you again. I do it in person or when we chat but I want you to know that it really does help and motivate me. Thank you to those of you that follow along and hold me accountable as well. Sometimes I need a kick in the butt. I look forward to breaking through this 380 pound mark and charting some new territory. Check back on the 10th to see if I succeed in that endeavor. Until then, bye!

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  1. Hi Sheldon! I just noticed your post that your back on track! Me too! I joined Weight Watchers Freestyle program and go to meetings each week. In one month I’ve lost 9 pounds. I love the program it’s so easy to follow plus I go to the gym three days a week including Zumba! I wish you all the luck in the world and if your ever interested in Weight Watchers it’s an amazing new program