Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The New Plan

Well, here we are again. Another lapse of time between blog posts and more disappointment. I have had enough of this! My weight is out of control. I need to get a handle on this for multiple reasons.

Getting to the point, my current weight is 357.8 pounds. I am starting over. I cannot live like this anymore. I don't have the energy that I should. I can't do some things that I used to be able to do. I feel sick a lot of the time. It is just not a good thing.

So, what is the new plan? The new plan is basically the old plan that I was utilizing when I dropped nearly 100 pounds a few years ago. I will use different apps and devices this time. For my calorie counting, I will be using the app Lose It. For my step counting, I will be using the iPhone until I can pick up an Apple Watch.

I know that I have tried to start the weight loss blog several times over the past few years. The reality though is that I never counted calories or tracked my steps. At least not consistently. I am actually excited to get serious about this again. I enjoy technology and how it can help me. It has already opened my eyes once more to just how egregious my diet has become.

Today is my first day of using Lose It. I honestly started midday and upon logging my breakfast and lunch, I am at my calorie budget already. Wow! Don't worry, I can afford to skip a meal or two or three. If anyone reading the blog would like to friend me on the Lose It app that would be great. Accountability is always a good thing. That is the reason I write this blog. That and the hope that someday, I just might be able to help encourage someone else with their weight loss goals.

The next blog update will be November 20th. I look forward to reporting lost weight at that time. Admittedly, I weighed midday so it should stand to reason that my weight reported here on the blog is a touch exaggerated because of that. Still, I would love to kick off the implantation of the plan with a big number. Until then, goodbye!

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