Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mom's Birthday

Sometimes losing weight is just tough. It is even worse when on vacation. During this vacation we have celebrated both my brother and my mother's birthdays. Their birthdays are within three days of each other.

Today was my mother's birthday. We had a great time. We went out and saw a movie and had dinner. I have maybe been enjoying my vacation a little too much. I have gained weight. Quite a bit of weight.

I know that it seems ridiculous to try to blame my weight scale but it does some weird stuff sometimes. I felt like last time when I weighed, I did not really do that much to have dropped as much weight as the scale indicated. At any rate, here are the numbers.

Since my prior weigh in on July 5th I have gained four pounds even. My total weight loss to date is seven pounds. My current weight is 351 pounds.

This is discouraging but I know why I gained weight. Between birthday cake and ice cream, soda, delicious home cooking, an occasional meal out, it is not a recipe for weight loss. Plus it has been rainy the past couple of days and so I have not been able to do any activity. I am slightly conflicted. I mean, on the one hand, I tell myself that I should be able to enjoy my vacation. On the other hand, there are always things going on in life that provide us with opportunity to make excuses about what we are eating.

I know that I need to start watching what I eat so that I can drop some weight. I suppose now I should reset my short term goal back to 350 pounds. Losing an achieved goal is always hard. Still, I need to press on. My next weigh in will be July 15th. I am leaving Idaho to return to Arizona on that day but I will try to weigh in before we head out. Should I fail to do so, the weigh in will be when I get back home. Until next time, goodbye!

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  1. Hi Sheldon! I know exactly how your feeling! I have been trying so hard to loose but that scale says the same weight every day! I believe slot has to do with my diabetes! I get so discouraged but I say to myself at least I'm not gaining! You will do fine when you get back home! I know how hard it is especially when your eating your mom's delicious cooking! Keep strong and press forward! Safe trip back to AZ!