Monday, June 27, 2016

Post Camping Update

I committed to weighing in upon returning from my camping trip. I will keep this post small and to the point. Since my last weigh in on June 20th I have nearly lost a pound (0.8). This brings my total weight loss since starting this journey to six pounds. My current weight is 352 pounds even.

I am not going to pretend that I was doing my best on this camping trip. The main issue was that I was drinking quite a bit of soda. I did mix in water and as much La Croix as I could take though. I also tried to limit myself to one helping at meal times, but I must say, the food was so delicious that I did have seconds a couple times.

I was a bit more active than usual as one would expect on a camping trip. One either end of the trip you have set and tear down of the campsite. That is not very strenuous but can be more sweat inducing than working inside an air conditioned building.

I was concerned that I wouldn't lose any weight this time so when I stepped on the scale I was quite relieved and maybe a touch surprised. That being said, I need to focus on the goal ahead. 350 pounds is as close as it has been on this journey. Given the short amount of time until next weight in, I am skeptical that I will be able to achieve it.

I am leaving for my annual trip to Idaho to visit the folks this coming week. That might mess with my weigh in schedule. I think I will still be able to weigh in the 1st and if I do then my weigh in routine would be maintained. Check back soon for my next weigh in and hopefully more good news! Later my friends.


  1. Hi Sheldon! Glad your holding your own with your loosing at least something and no gain!! I have been working hard following a 1500 calorie diet faithfully and I actually gained two pounds back which is puzzling to me!! I find myself obsessed with my diet and freaked out with the gain! I feel my body at least my stomach going down but I don't know what is happening!! Please have a great time with your family in Idaho and good luck with the diet!

    1. Don't be discouraged. Sometimes your body just needs some time to adjust or you could be putting on some muscle if you are exercising. Muscle weighs more than fat as I am sure that you know. Keep up the good work. If you find yourself stuck, consider having a day where you go off your 1500 calorie diet just to see what happens. I ate crazy the other day but my weight loss today is pretty good. The body works in strange ways sometimes.