Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 2012 Wrap Up

I want to begin by apologizing for not posting an update on November 30th.  I was busy and since I knew that I would be doing a monthly wrap up on December 1st I just decided to do one post today instead.  The month of November has come to a close and with it, the second chapter of my weight loss journey.  Another pound has been shed since my last blog update on the 25th of November.

In keeping with the honesty of this blog I did share a pitcher of Pepsi with my kids when we went to Organ Stop Pizza on the night of November 25th.  I love that place but while they do offer water it costs $1.50 per bottle.  Maybe I should have paid that but I have a hard time bringing myself to pay that much for water.

I have been sick quite a bit lately.  It seems to be making the rounds as many people I know have also been sick.  There have been a couple of times where I weighed and was down a lot but I know that was just from being dehydrated.

My weight has not been below 340 pounds in a while.  I am pretty excited to have that number in the rear view mirror with my weigh in this morning coming in at 339 pounds.  The weight is coming off kind of slow I suppose but I am staying positive because at least I am going in the right direction even if it is taking some time.

So, here is the wrap up for November 2012:
  • Total weight loss to date: 11 pounds
  • Total weight loss this year: 11 pounds
  • Total weight loss November 2012: 6 pounds
  • Total weight still to lose: 140 pounds
The next weigh in will be December 5th.  Hopefully additional progress will be made as I continue on this journey.  Thank you for following along with me and providing encouragement.  This is changing my life!


  1. These numbers are excellent. Not too fast....not too slow.

    1. Thanks Jewels. I do not want to lose too fast as I have heard that your chances of gaining it all back are greater. Thanks again for your feedback.