Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sweet Progress

Today is October 30th and do you know what that means?  It is time for weigh in number two!  I had actually been peeking a bit throughout the week so I had a pretty good idea of what the numbers were going to look like.  Today the numbers become official.  I am down another four pounds since the last weigh in taking my official weight to 345.  Total weight loss so far is five pounds.  This leaves another 146 pounds to go in order to for me to be below two hundred.

Going without soda has become very easy for me now.  It is not really even a temptation anymore.  I carry a case of bottled water around with me in the trunk of my car and so I always have access to something to drink.  I am also drinking ice tea with Splenda and I find that it really helps to offset the lack of taste that comes with plain old water.

I have done very well with the meals also.  I have actually increased the number of meals throughout the day but limited the portions.  Hopefully this is making a difference in addition to giving up soda.

I am excited about the progress but know that I must temper my expectations going forward as it always gets harder to keep losing weight.  To keep making progress I am probably going to need to ratchet up my level of activity.  Perhaps walking or playing more Your Shape Fitness Evolved on my Xbox 360.  I know this may sound crazy but I think I am actually feeling a bit better already.  My next weigh in will be on November 1st.  I do not actually expect to lose any weight between now and then given that it is only two days away but we shall see.  The November 1st post will summarize the month of October and look forward to the month of November.  Check back soon!


  1. Today I made it through an entire yoga class without stopping ..... I still can't do all the moves but I can keep it up for an hour.

    You can do it

    Next step adding some bike time

    1. Nice work Mike. I have been pretty busy with side jobs which is great because who doesn't need the money but lately it has helped me stay away from any meaningful activity. Hopefully things will slow down but it looks like I already have another job lined up for tomorrow. I guess we will have to see. There are not enough hours in the day.