Sunday, October 9, 2016


I have been so inconsistent and sometimes I wonder if I should just give up on blogging about my weight or anything else for that matter. It is hard to find the time. I did weigh in this past Sunday and so I feel like I should give it another shot. Here we go again!

I literally had to look at my posts to see what my last weight was. How sad is that? So, the last time I weighed in and posted about it was on August 20th. My weight at that time was 354 pounds. My weight today is 350.8 pounds. That means that I have lost a little more than three pounds (3.2) since that time.

Maybe I should be happy about that but I feel as if I have been mired down in apathy. I am just having a hard time getting motivated. I have been tracking my steps with my iPhone and am thinking about getting an Apple Watch as well. In my mind, I tell myself that having an Apple Watch would make it so much easier to track my exercise. In reality, I probably just want one.

I do not have a lot to say this time since this is like the 5th or 6th reboot of the weight loss program. I am going to try to get myself on track again and have a plan to do that but I want to get into it a bit more before I talk about it. I will weigh again on the 15th. I hope to have good things to report next time. Goodbye for now.

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  1. Hi Sheldon! I was thinking of you the other day and was wondering how you were doing! Never give up!! I am so with you! Since your last post I too have lost 3 pounds! I finally got the Fitbit which seems to be working from me! I also got a box of Skinny chocolate which helps me with my sweet tooth! They are only 45 calories a square! ! Well my friend I'll be rooting for you!!! You got this! Sincerely Linda