Saturday, April 20, 2019


It is very hard to stick with updating this blog. This past week has been very bad for me. I really have no idea how much I may have gained back from simply recovering from being so sick and how much of it is due to my own failings. I am sure it was a little of both that equaled a huge setback. Let's get to the numbers.

The previous weigh in on 4/13 was 374.6 pounds. When I weighed in this morning I have gained 12 pounds. My current weight is 386.6 pounds.

The bottom line is that I know that I messed up a lot. I did not keep track of the calories that I consumed this week. I have to do better. I lost focus this week and just felt too busy to log calories. Which is kind of comical because it really doesn't take very long to log. I am pretty disappointed and discouraged right now.

I am going to go ahead and enter what I did log even though it is incomplete. I need to get focused and motivated. I felt like I did more from an activity point of view. Let's see if that is reflected in my calorie burns. Here are the numbers. Again, the calorie consumption numbers are incomplete. The calorie burns are accurate since I always wear my Apple Watch. I hope to something better to write about next time.

4/13 3,200 calories in, 3,911 calories out
4/14 2,098 calories in, 3,933 calories out
4/15 nothing logged in, 4,118 calories out
4/16 nothing logged in, 4,658 calories out
4/17 nothing logged in, 4,618 calories out
4/18 2,370 calories in, 4,353 calories out
4/19 nothing logged in, 4,591 calories out

Saturday, April 13, 2019


I have had quite the week. I hope everyone had a much better week than I did. Even when times are difficult there can be positive outcomes. This may be one such occasion. I will write about that in more detail shortly. Let's begin with the numbers and go from there.

The previous weigh in on 4/6 was 384.0 pounds. When I weighed in just a few minutes ago I have lost 9.4 pounds. My current weight is 374.6 pounds.

How did I lose this much weight in one week? It is pretty easy when can't keep anything down. I was so sick. I cannot remember the last time that I was this sick. That may not be so unusual given that I am getting old as dirt. I missed quite a bit of work and technically when I went back was still having problems. I don't want to get too graphic but it was a very rough week. I barely ate anything and drank lots of fluids to try to stay hydrated.

Unfortunately I don't know what else to really say about the week. I am going to post the partial numbers that I have below. I apologize that I failed to log calories on some of those days. Hopefully I can keep most of this weight off without any rubber band effect since I am starting to feel better. I am going to do my best. Hopefully the next blog post will be a bit more interesting than this one. That said, I do like the numbers. Stay safe my friends.

4/6 2,070 calories in, 4,794 calories out
4/7 2,260 calories in, 4,047 calories out
4/8 sick, nothing logged, 4053 calories out
4/9 sick, nothing logged, 4,213 calories out
4/10 sick, nothing logged, 3,543 calories out
4/11 sick, nothing logged, 3,893 calories out
4/12 2,535 calories in, 4,248 calories out

Saturday, April 6, 2019


It is that time again. I have to admit at the outset that I did not want to write this blog post. Prior to weighing, I knew that I had a rough week. I was afraid that I may have gained everything back. I will get into that more shortly. First, let's get the numbers out of the way.

The previous weigh in on 3/30 was 383.2 pounds. The past week resulted in a gain of 0.8 pounds. My current weight is currently 384.0 pounds.

I am actually pretty relieved to see that number. This past week I had very little restraint. I feel like a hypocrite writing about temptations that I recognized last week and yet I succumbed to them this week in a big way. I am disappointed and feel like a failure. This was responsible for my reluctance to write this blog post.

Yet, I know that for me, this race is not going to be easy. No one is going to run it for me and I am going to stumble. I have to get back up. I have to fight. I have too much on the line. I will force myself to write about it when I fail because failure will not be an option for me. I will only be a failure if I give up. I hope that anyone reading this blog will be able to relate in some way and understand that if I say something one week that I may miss the mark the next. But my intentions are sincere.

I am very embarrassed to post these calorie numbers from the past week but I own this shortcoming. This was my fault. I will not paint it as something it was not. I need a better week to write about next time. Until then, goodbye!

3/30 2,869 calories in, 5,030 calories out
3/31 3,200 calories in, 4,312 calories out
4/1 3,828 calories in, 4,551 calories out
4/2 4,680 calories in, 4,775 calories out
4/3 3,842 calories in, 4,182 calories out
4/4 2,943 calories in, 4,895 calories out
4/5 4,050 calories in, 4,629 calories out