Saturday, August 20, 2016


I seem to really be struggling on multiple levels. I am going to need to change some things about the way I do this blog. I think it will be best if I switch to doing weekly weigh ins. I just have a hard time updating the blog on weeknights. Now I will weigh every Saturday.

My weigh in today was not good at all. I gained nearly four and half pounds (4.4). My current weight is 354 pounds. This brings me to the other change that I need to make.

I have really been struggling with giving up soda. I have to drink more water. I also need to start getting some steps in. My knee doesn't hurt as bad anymore, so I really can't use that as an excuse to keep me from walking.

I just need to get myself together in some other ways as well. If you think about it and are open to praying for me, I would certainly appreciate it. The next weigh in will be on the 27th. Until then, goodbye!

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