Sunday, May 15, 2016


Today is weigh in day! I had great expectations for this weigh in period but more on that shortly. I did lose one pound (1.0) since my last weigh in on May 12th. To date, I have lost 5.2 pounds.

I should probably be happy with those results. When I really think about it, losing one pound in just three days is not too bad. But my expectations, while perhaps unrealistic, were that I would lose more.

Expectations can kill a weight loss journey. Expectations can lead to disappointment. Disappointment can lead to giving up. I had expectations because I have totally changed my eating habits and started to ensure I get a set number of steps daily. In my mind, this is such a radical departure to how I had been living that I would surely see some mind blowing number on my first weigh in.

I have been through this before. I know that this is not about one single weigh in. I know that this is going to be a long process filled with highs and lows. I don't really find that discouraging. In fact, I find it encouraging because I know that I don't have to win every single battle. I just have to win more battles than I lose.

It also helps to have great people in my life. I have a high school friend that is on the same journey helping me to stay accountable and vice versa. I have a roommate that will also keep me accountable. My kids will remind me to keep on the straight and narrow. My coworkers will not let me cheat on work lunches. My advice if you are on a similar journey...tell people! They will hold you accountable to your goals but also give encouragement and praise when you are doing well. At least they will if they are really true friends.

To summarize, I manage my expectations by realizing that this is just one step in a very long journey. Personally, it is easy to get in the mindset that I just need to do this until I lose a certain amount of weight. Perhaps I am better served by realizing that my life can never really go back to how I was living before even after I lose all this weight. It really does need to be a lifestyle change. That is not to say I cannot enjoy a few meals now and then. But rather, on the whole, I need to be more disciplined in my overall choices and how they impact my body.

I always find it encouraging to hear from others so feel free to drop me a few lines here on the blog or on Facebook. It is always my hope that the blog will in some small way help others that are on the journey. I know that when I was blogging about losing weight before, it was always encouraging to take a look back from time to time and learn from myself. Thanks for reading my blog! Until next time, goodbye.

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