Thursday, May 12, 2016

Annual Wellness Checkup

Today I went in for an annual wellness checkup. The truth is that I don't even remember when I last had a checkup. My employer offers free money to my HSA (health savings account) for doing it and so I guess I couldn't pass that up anymore. Fortunately, I am in good health considering that I am over 350 pounds.

That being said, I really am tired of carrying around all this extra weight. I cannot stand for extended periods of time on hard surfaces. I am usually alright if I can walk around but just standing kills me. I had actually started to pay a bit more attention to my calorie consumption when I weighed in on the 30th of April. I weighed 358 pounds on that date. Since then, I have lost 4.2 pounds. My current weight is 353.8 pounds.

Again, I have really just had enough. For those of you that are unaware, I had lost close to 100 pounds between October 2012 and August 2014. I had reached 258.4 pounds back in July of 2014. I began that journey at 350 pounds so as you can see, I gained it all back and then some but I am determined to get back to losing some serious weight. I don't plan on doing that too fast as that can be somewhat unhealthy.

I hope that some of you will choose to follow my progress and if you like, drop me a line of encouragement from time to time. I was always amazed by how many people were following my journey. I feel like I let many of you down last time and I am sorry for that. I also let myself down and my family down. I am going to have to make time to blog my journey. I am confident it will be worth it. Hopefully it will be somewhat entertaining and if I am lucky, maybe inspirational to someone out there that also wants to shed some pounds. Check back soon! I plan on weighing in again on the 15th. Goodbye for now.


  1. I am in the same shoes Sheldon! I would love to follow the diet you are doing and start going to the gym! I pray for you to succeed ! Please message me on Facebook what diet you are following!!

    1. Hi, I am not really following a diet per se. I am just counting calories mainly and starting to walk. It is not very interesting or cutting edge, but it worked for me last time.