Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today is March 5th and that means it is time for another blog post update.  I seem to be maintaining my current weight as I neither gained nor lost any weight since my last blog post.  My current weight is 334 pounds.

I must say that I find this a little frustrating.  I got quite a bit of exercise these past five days playing some Xbox Kinect games.  Anything that gets me out of my chair and moving is a good thing in my opinion.

I did kind of mess up a bit with regard to my diet but that was early on in the five day cycle.  Basically we bought some ice cream and I went a little overboard.  The funny thing is I weighed in the next day and I had actually lost a pound.  After that, I did a very good job at not eating too much.  I was really hoping to be able to report a pound of weight loss for this update but that did not materialize.

Should I be a little nervous that I committed to be at or below 330 pounds by the end of this month?  Aside from the ice cream fiasco I felt like I did a solid job of getting in some exercise and following my diet.  If anything, I was probably not eating enough.  I will trust my routine for now but I may need to take things to another level if I do not see better results at the next weigh in.

My next weigh in will be on March 10th.  Should anything else come up between now and then I will be sure to update the blog.  Stay tuned to see if my commitments are worth anything.  Goodbye for now.

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