Friday, March 1, 2013

February 2013 Wrap Up

The month of February has come to a close and with it, the fifth chapter of my weight loss journey. I have lost three pounds since my last post on the 25th of February. My current weight is 334 pounds.

The past month was filled with distractions. I was in an automobile accident and that has taken up a lot of my time.  I have had to deal with the medical treatment of both myself and my daughter.  I have also been concerned about my car.  I get too attached to my vehicles.  The value of a vehicle does drop once it has been in a collision so I think those concerns are justified.

My lease was also ending and so I had a home inspection in February as well.  It was actually only days after the auto accident so the timing was pretty bad.  I did a lot of the work in pain but what else could I do?  I get very stressed about these inspections because the property management company will come in and take multiple pictures from different angles of all of the rooms.  I always feel like I will not get a renewal on the lease or the rent will be raised if the landlord is not satisfied.

Hopefully this does not sound like whining.  I realize that overall I have a very good life.  There is so much to be thankful for.  The auto accident could have been worse.  My lease was later renewed without raising rent.  I only mention those issues to say that I lost focus and it cost me.  This is my fault and I need to learn to stay more focused on my diet amidst the storms of life.

My challenge of not eating out during the month of February was not as successful as I would have liked.  I would not call it a complete failure though as I improved on not eating out as much as I was prior to this challenge.  I am optimistic that I can take the lessons learned from this experience and apply it to my life going forward.

So, here is the wrap up for February 2013:
  • Total weight loss to date: 16 pounds
  • Total weight loss this year: 9 pounds
  • Total weight loss February 2013: 2 pounds
  • Total weight still to lose: 135 pounds
My next regularly scheduled blog post will be on March 5th.  I want to get back to doing some exercise on my Xbox 360 with Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012.  I am going to need to start working in some activity to keep the weight coming off.  Hopefully life will settle down a bit and I will get some time to make that happen.  I am going to make a commitment (not a challenge, we all know how I do on those) to be at or below 330 pounds by the end of March.  Failure is not an option!

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