Friday, February 15, 2013


This past week has been filled with the obstacles of life.  I was in an auto accident that wrecked my car.  My back has been aching and my neck pops now.  I really need to get into the chiropractor.  I have also been working to get my house ready for an inspection.  I rent my house and every year the property management company comes in and takes a bunch of pictures of the place and then they let me know what I should to be doing better.  I always have it in my mind that if they don't like what they see then they may not renew the lease.  I love my house and I hate moving!  The inspection is pretty stressful on its own but couple that with the stress of having my car possibly totaled and my back pain and I feel pushed to the limit.  If there is an upside, it is that because of all the stress I have not been eating as much.  For the February 15th weigh in I have lost another pound.  My weight is now 333 pounds.  At least that is some good news.

I went to see the movie Les Miserables this week and I did have a large soda while at the theater.  I thought the movie was very good.  I am so glad that I can have a soda occasionally and the desire to drink it daily is really not there anymore.

I feel like my meal selection has been better as well.  I went out to eat with a friend and ordered a salad.  That is not the norm for me and on top of that I actually thought it was delicious.  It always helps to have great company though.

On the downside, my goal of not eating out in February has not been as successful as I would have liked.  And yet, it has been a success in the sense that I am confident that eating out less has aided my goal of losing weight.  Eating out has reduced drastically, just not as much as I had originally hoped.

My next weigh in will be on February 20th.  If  anything else comes up between now and then I will be sure to share it.  Until next time, take care everyone.

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