Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 2012 Wrap Up

The month of October has come to a close and with it, the first chapter of my weight loss journey.  As I suspected there was no additional weight loss since the weigh in on October 30th.  I still weigh 345 pounds although I did weigh four times; two read 345 and two read 344 but when in doubt I go with the high number.

I need to be careful.  I have found myself eating out a bit more frequently.  I always go with something cheap and therefore not substantial but it is a habit that I do not want to fall back into.  I am confident that I am not exceeding my calorie goals for the day but I would rather not eat fast food.  Curse the convenience and the fact that they are located on every street corner!

So, here is the wrap up for October 2012:  (This is for you Jewels...bullets!!!)
  • Total weight loss to date: 5 pounds
  • Total weight loss this year: 5 pounds
  • Total weight loss October 2012: 5 pounds
  • Total weight still to lose: 146 pounds
Next weigh in will be November 5th.  Hopefully there will be some more progress to report on that date.  See you next time!