Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cold Day In Arizona

Today was cold by Arizona standards.  As I write this it is 53 degrees outside.  This is my favorite time of year in Arizona.  The weather is just perfect.  The high tomorrow is expected to be 61 with a low of 39.  I love it!  The days are still sunny but the temperature is just right.

On to the business at hand.  It is November 10th and this is weigh in day.  I was sick a couple of days this week and I think that helped contribute to me losing another pound.  My current weight stands at 343 pounds.  At least it did this morning.  I took my kids out to eat tonight at a Mexican restaurant called Macayos.  I probably gained two pounds just from that meal alone.  At least I only drank water and not soda.  I will just have to make up for it by taking it easy on the calories for the next few days.

I have been drinking ice tea with sugar and stevia.  It tastes really good.  It reminds me of the sweet tea we would drink as kids that mom used to make.  I mean that mom used to make us make.  Hopefully she does not read that last comment.

To summarize my progress so far I have lost seven pounds total and need to drop another 144 pounds to reach the goal of weighing in below two hundred.  My next weigh in will be November 15th.  Let's see if eating at Macayos hurt my goal.  Later!

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