Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Tortoise

Welcome back to yet another weigh in post! Today is December 15th. I heard from some readers of the blog that perhaps I have been a little too focused on getting off to a fast start or at least to not be discouraged about dropping a pound at these early weigh ins. I appreciate that very much. It is easy to feel as though things should be happening at a more rapid pace. In the end, making progress is what it is all about. Perhaps like the tortoise in the old children's story, slow and steady will win the race. How did I do this time?

Since the previous weigh in on December 10th, I have lost nearly one (0.8) pound. My current weight is 349.2 pounds. My total weight loss so far is a little more than eight and a half (8.6) pounds.

I think I will begin to break up my short term weight loss goals into small bite-sized objectives. See what I did there? If only I was as funny as I think I am. With where I am right now, I can always have a goal just a couple of pounds away. For example, my next goal will be ten pounds of total weight loss. After that, my next goal would be to weigh in below 345 pounds. The goal after that would be fifteen pounds of total weight loss and so on.

I don't have a lot to blog about this time. I am just going to keep my focus on making progress. I have been pretty consistent about updating the blog this time and that is also encouraging. I stay on task much better when I am blogging about it. Thanks for tagging along with me on this journey. The next weigh in will take place December 20th. Goodbye for now!

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  1. Sounds good my friend! I am about the same weight as I was at your last blog but I'm getting there one hop at a time!