Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I arrived in the beautiful state of Idaho on July 2nd. We had safe travels although there was some fun wind and rain just north of Las Vegas. I always love the drive.

Since arriving, we had a very nice barbeque on the 4th and went down to Orofino to watch a firework show. It has been so relaxing being up here in the fresh air and the weather has just been a real treat after Arizona's heat wave the week prior to us leaving. Arizona and heat wave, bet you never thought you would hear those words in the same sentence. Phoenix was pretty close to 120 degrees that week. I think the high here so far has been 82, at least that I have noticed. Today has been very cool. I love it!

I have kept myself busy helping the family out a little bit. I always enjoy being able to help out with technology. I had updated my mother's laptop to Windows 10. Then she accidentally cracked the LCD screen. Boo! I can fix that but the laptop is older and not sure it is really worth it.

Today and yesterday I have been helping dad out with the farming. We just have a small hayfield up here that we cut and bail. We had some trouble with one of the tractors the other day. Just a dead battery but that can really be frustrating at times. Dad and my brother Craig ran the bailer and I ran the swather. The hay is so thick this year that the swather would bog down even running the tractor in 1st gear with the torque amplifier at max. Some small problems with the tractor pulling the swather too as I would have to jump off and blow back through the fuel lines every so often. Nothing I can't handle but I tell you, when you are on the plump side, you get a nice workout hopping on and off a tractor all day!

That is probably more info than anyone really needed and or maybe even wanted to know. I better get to the actual weight loss numbers. Since my previous weigh in on July 1st I have lost almost three (2.8) pounds. That brings my total weight loss to eleven pounds even. My current weight is 347 pounds.

Obviously I am pretty happy with these numbers. I have not had a lot of soda while here in Idaho so that is a plus. I have also managed to keep my calorie consumption down. The fourth of July was a little out of control but I balanced that out by under eating the rest of the days.

The next weigh in will be July 10th. My short term goal of 340 pounds is still out of reach for the next weigh in but I am hopeful that I might make that goal by the end of the month. I hope that everyone had a great fourth of July! Until next time, so long for now!

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  1. Hi Sheldon! It is great to hear from you and your adventures in Idaho! I totally enjoyed hearing about the tractor and the farming as it made me think of home in NY! I didn't live on a farm but next door to one where I spent most of my childhood days! I miss that part of my life and really think I wouldn't have the weight problem I do now had I made a life out of it!!
    I am so happy for you that you lost those pounds! Before you know it you will reach your next goal of 340! I haven't weighed myself since last Friday as we are on vacation out near Apache Junction in a place called Gild Canyon. It's a resort and they have an amazing restaurant on site that serves dinner before 4:30 for 50% off! I have made wise choices for food like today a huge salad with sirloin steak pieces. I mostly eat some type of salad with a meat in it like chicken. I'll know Friday when I get home if I lost anything fingers crossed! Well Sheldon keep up the good work and most of all enjoy this time with your parents!