Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back On Track

I am very pleased to report that I am back on track with my weight loss goals.  When I weighed in this morning I was glad to see that I have lost two pounds since my last weigh in.  My weight is currently 341 pounds and while I am a long way from my overall goal at least I have broken the weight gain trend.  That leaves another 142 pounds to go which can seem like a daunting number but I just have to take it one weigh in at a time.  If I can keep losing the small numbers every weigh in then I can whittle that number down.  One day at a time is very applicable here.

In looking back over my recent posts I have noticed that they kind of mimic the news these days.  That is to say, they tend to focus on things I have done that are negative which certainly has its place as I need to learn from my mistakes.  For this post I thought I would keep it positive by focusing on one thing that I said I would do and have succeeded.  I do not drink soda anymore!  I am nearly 100% positive that I have admitted anytime I have had a soda here on this blog.  For me, that was a monumental change to my way of life.  I drank soda all the time!  Now I drink water and ice tea with sugar and stevia blend.  I really am proud of myself for this change.  If I can stop drinking soda then I can lose this weight!

Many of you are on a similar journey.  We can do this!  Stay focused on the little things and don't focus too much on your end goal.  If I focused on the 142 pound number I would want to give up.  The small things count and repeatedly doing the correct daily small things will get you to your goal over time.  If your goal is weight loss like mine, remember, you did not gain the weight overnight and the reality is that you are not going to lose it overnight either.  It is good to have a big goal but also set small goals for yourself.  My small goal is to lose some weight at every weigh in.  If I keep doing that then I will realize my big goal someday.  If you are comfortable with it, be accountable to someone else.  I am accountable to all of you and that is a source of motivation for me because I really don't like telling you that I gained weight.

The next weigh in will be on January 10th.  I am setting a small goal for myself to be below 340 pounds at that weigh in.  Time to make it happen!