Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 1 Summary

Today was rough.  I did not get any real bad headaches but I did feel tired all day.  No caffeine will do that to you I suppose.

It is hard to give up soda.  I drank it a lot.  My poor kidneys are probably in shock not having to work so hard.  I have tried a few times in the past and was fairly successful once but then I got the bright idea that I could manage it.  Just a soda or two a day would not hurt.  Then I would fall right back into the old habits of having a soda with every meal.  A soda while I would play games.  A soda to help me get going in the morning.  A soda to help me sleep at night.  Just kidding about that last one...kinda.

I need to focus on the positive aspects of giving it up.  In addition to the weight issue, I will save a lot of money.  Many times when you eat out the drinks are outrageous.  That makes me splurge all the more.  Hey, if I am paying $2.50 for a Coke then I am getting another refill and when possible, a to go cup.

I did better on the meals as well.  I would be surprised if I consumed more than 2500 calories for the day.  We should know how things are going on the 25th and I can make any necessary adjustments at that time.  If I do not blog anything tomorrow I will definitely have a post again on judgment day...Thursday, October 25th 2012.  Until next time my friends.

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